Training for London and the UK Chilli Queen and some family time! – London Videos

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Thank you so much for being a part of the family!

The gnarly reapers were grown by Ed Currie himself! These were the leftover pods from my Skydive! If you want some reapers, get them from the man! Clink the link below and get some and then let me know what you think!

Chase the heat!!

Johnny Scoville

Twitter – @ChaseTheHeat

To get your Tube of Terror:

Johnny's Tube of Terror Challenge

To get your Chilli Cherry Nightmare:

Johnny Scoville’s Chili Cherry Nightmare

Click the link below, use promo code “Scoville Squad” and get a $30 discount! They have a lifetime warranty and are the best sunglasses I have ever had!!

If you film, you NEED the Hohem Gimbal!! Click the link to learn about the Gimbal I use!


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  1. youtube screwing around with johnys channel

  2. I can't see the room or any people just Johnny talking

  3. Nooooo I missed it !!

  4. I just ordered a bottle of Authur Wayne mango habanero wing sauce can't wait to taste it

  5. Sonic reaper slush has some heat but wont probably move your needle lol. It is refreshing though and different. Cant wait for a review

  6. How. can you stand the pain? I ate an ornamental Thai hot and drank water to sooth the agony and it was terrible.How do you do it?

  7. Johnny those pods you just chucked in your garden will probably grow.A random plant may appear??Shit Happens??


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