London Protests Outside Prison Where Julian Assange Is Being Held – London Videos

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 143.

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris present interview and video footage courtesy of Dr. Catherine Brown who attended a protest outside the prison where Julian Assange is currently being held in London.

The event was attended by Patrick Henningsen (, Lee Stranahan ( and George Galloway (


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  1. What do you think: Will Julian Assange ultimately be extradited to the U.S.A.?
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  2. If Assange is extradited tp the US he will reveal Britains in the plot to destroy America. Who these asshole demonstrators who knows but it is obvious that they won't get the same treatment as Tommy Robinson. This is bullshit.

  3. Trump has proven to be a tyrant. He's using Julian to keep us busy leading up to the election in order to divert attention from his other goals.

  4. Free Juliana Assange! I am pretty sure our petition has topped the required number for the MPs to act. Thank you to the Duran to keep us posted and I personally thank the speakers and all the freedom lovers out there to stand up and voice their concerns. Their response and voices have been heard by the authorities in the USA.

  5. Well done, guys! If I were there, I'd join you too…the least we can do for Assange and all his hard work and sacrifices to bring us the truth! Thanks Duran

  6. ThanQ gentlemen for this video, it's so encouraging to see so many brave men and women. Good job! We are watching a movie! Hope universe heavily protects JA, he has too many enemies

  7. The calibre of these interviewees is remarkably higher than that of typical far-Leftist protesters we usually see at protest rallies. Assange obviously appeals to a more intellectual crowd of dissentient voices… *ahem*

  8. Dark times are approaching… rapidly

  9. Where is the petition? I can't be there. I'm 6000 miles away. I would be if I could.

  10. Everyone from these people to Assange's lawyers have all seemed very reasonable.

  11. The principle here is that any government that promotes secrecy is doing something it wishes to hide from the people. This is full proof that the government is not working for the people.
    The people must then find-out who the government is working for.
    The silencing of Assange is the attempt of the government(s) to prevent the people finding out who the government really works for.
    We will find out – and we will eliminate the usurpers.
    It is only a matter of time.
    One thing I know for sure – the blood trail of Julian Assange leads us directly to the real villain.
    Have no mercy on that villain – it can claim no place in this world – nor heaven , nor hell.

  12. @The Duran – Could the British Government be made COMPLICIT if they permit extradition of Assange to Sweden – KNOWING – that he would be the sent onwards to the U$A – – i.e. Aiding and Abetting a criminal act.

  13. To the Duran: link up with Gordon Dimmack, Unity4J and Jimmy Dore.
    The echo chamber must be shattered.
    Gordon was there at this protest.
    So how about this:
    Progressive and Conservatives BOTH conduct a dialogue which is essential for humanity:
    Progressives argue the need for change, Conservatives argue the need to not change.
    This dialogue serves the people, sometimes change is needed, sometimes it is not.
    In the end, this dialogue serves the people.
    Conservative and progressive BOTH serve the people.
    Service of the people is the issue – not left/right ideology.
    Those who do NOT serve the people are totalitarians – under any banner.
    Please link Gordon and the others – this fight is for all of us – and it must escape our echo-chambers.

    It may not fix our broken political system, but at least it would be a great start.

  15. I hope more people can join. I send greetings to freedom of speech campaigners from an Africa that seems not so dark as we observe the "Zimbabwefication" of western media. White Mugabes abound in the pedophile infested British establishment.
    I feel a lot more free here in Africa (and we all know how quickly Africa can go pear shaped) than I would over there with the Robert Mueller MI6 gang running rampant with Manafort in solitary and Julian Assange in god knows what state

  16. Hilary over Julian Assange: "he has to answer for the things he's done…” Jail for Hillary Clinton!!
    War criminal Hillary Clinton is the devil incarnate. She must be arrested and prosecuted for all the crimes she has committed against humanity!! By daring to expose the war crimes committed by the nefarious Talmudic entities of the Washington Swamp, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning are both hero’s in my eyes. Realise them both immediately!!

  17. People need go become more involved, however they can on an honest effort level in there local state and national politics while they still have the chance. For it is all fleeting.

  18. Wikileaks is an invaluable tool for the Rothschilds to manipulate the financial markets, the whole monetary system, the future of nations, and the public.

    The information (or misinformation) from Wikileaks also serves the Rothschild’s aim to increase conflict among nations in order to further their goal of One World Government.

  19. I want to know why 70 MPs wrote to Savage Javid requesting Assange be sent to Sweden. These people are supposed to know the truth yet they are acting on red tops headlines! I wish more people would pat attention to Patrick, Vanessa and all those dedicated to genuine truths.

  20. So I heard the worst he can get is 5 years but the statue of limitations is up. So I hope he gets something like time served. Thanks for the pictures at the protest

  21. Sorry Assange is controlled op
    The Puppetworld Post has uncovered many links between Wikileaks and the international Rothschild network:
    –a sister-in-law (Jemima goldsmith) and second cousin of the Rothschilds posted bail for Julian Assange (Puppetworld Post exclusive)
    –The Economist (a Rothschild magazine) gave Assange its New Media Award in 2008
    –Wikileaks used the law firm Fox Rothschild to overturn a judge’s ruling to order a web host to shut down the Wikileaks site
    – The Guardian and The New York Times, two of Assange’s media partners, are linked to the Rothschilds (PwP exclusive)
    –the owner of the mansion where Assange was eventually put under house arrest has links to Rothschilds
    –Assange’s lawyer is also Rothschilds’ lawyer
    –US Senator Joe Lieberman who was ultimately responsible for making Assange the largest media personality of the decade, is a member of the Council On Foreign Relations (a Rothschild organization)
    [The Rothschilds are an international family of bankers at the centre of a web of wealthy families who control most the countries through a worldwide network of: privately-owned central banks

  22. omd that guy in the pink… discredited himself as soon as he popped the "women should be believed" hashtag catchphrase! Women always were believed. They didn't always come forward for fears of myriad reasons but they were believed. Only when the false allegations got discovered did people turn against the 'victim' and up pops the tabloids sensationalism and disinformation and here we are today. For some reason, forgive me I must have missed a whole chapter in the How Not to Behave Like a Snowflake class of life, women must be believed now no matter what. Christine Blasey-Ford for example. Everything that woman accused Justice Kavannaugh of was a lie. An outright lie backed up and embellished by more liars and represented by a huge fraud(allegedly so far)Avenetti. This is not OK. Yes, believe women but also, check out the defense while you're busy patting hands and making sweet tea!

  23. Check your sources Assange is controlled op

  24. Wikileaks is a clearing house for data and information and Publisher Julian Assange is not a hacker but a patriot and must be clear of all charges. Free Julian Assange!! The American Rogue Regime is getting greasy that at all their atrocious "COLLATERAL MURDER”  and evil aggression against civilians is being exposed. The real war criminals like Bush, Clinton, Tony Blair, Elliot Abrams.. must be hold accountable for crimes committed against humanity and be executed in a dead squad without having  their day on court!! That should be the truth fate of war criminals!!

  25. It is the duty of every human being to seek truth!!!! To expand our consciousness! We are ruled by demonic people and entities and all their laws are made to keep us in the dark and ignorant!

  26. A can only hope that Julian Assange has that well publicized " dead mans hand " information to barter with his freedom. If huge, devestaing information was to be released in bits & pieces by his
    associates he may well be able to use his new Astralian passport.

  27. TIME LINE On April 11 Theresa May ordered the arrest of Assange, on April 12th she canceled Brexit supposedly until Oct.31st but it is forever, a done deal. NO BREXIT!. On April 13th she celebrated with Adolphia Merkel wearing lovely matching Blue EU jackets.

  28. HI ALL. just watched this, what do you all think. Daddy Dragon
    Published on 16 Apr 2019
    The British Government are being held accountable by the people via the Rule of Law in the Royal Courts of Justice. The Government has struggled to respond and asked for more time. They have until tomorrow the 17th April 2019 to make their submissions to the High Court.

    Robin Tilbrook a Constitutional lawyer has applied for Judicial Review asking the courts for a declaration that we left the European Union on the 29th March 2019 at 11pm as per the Law of the Land. A statute passed by by houses and receiving Royal assent. The European Withdrawal Act 2017. There is no other power legally provided other than to leave under article 50 . No other option was available in law, no prerogative could be used (as per Gina Miller case). We are out out, with no deal. FREEDOM UNDER THE LAW!

    In the words of the late Lord Chief Justice Denning "The law must be obeyed even if chaos ensues" . Not that chaos will ensue. Sack the Parliamentarians that created this mess and move on! Long live England.


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