Learn the Jobava London System Opening with …g6 in five simple stages. Part Two. – London Videos

The Jobava London System is available to buy here – https://www.gingergm.com/shop/jobava-london-system

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Grandmaster Chess Lesson!
This video aims to explain the five key things that you need to know in order to play the Jobava London System.

The Five Simple Steps!

Rule 1: 5:28 After …g6 White should play e4 if possible
Rule 2: 8:24 After e4 White should stop …e5
Rule 3: 11:18 Harry!! Against …g6 …Bg7 …0-0 play h4-h5!
Rule 4: 13:46 If Black plays …h5 allow the doubling of your f-pawns
Rule 5: 16:44 After the critical hxg6 …fxg6 capture on c5!

I have aimed to keep this video as simple and easy as possible, the download https://www.gingergm.com/shop/jobava-london-system goes into much more detail.

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  1. Hey Simon what do you think the best replies on staunton gambit?

  2. Very nice opening, I liked it very much. The end game though, where and how should I learn it?

  3. This is a great simple opening system. I especially like the h4-h5 v g6 lines ! I will be trying it out

  4. I played a wonderful OTB game Monday night after having watched the first video briefly. I Got great space, good advantage (+5,1!), promising attack … and then blundered my Queen due to nerves !!! ;O)
    Too bad, but the opening was/is great!

  5. Thank you, Simon. I really appreciate your explanations of openings because, even in your books, you explain the main ideas as well as variations. A lot of opening book authors don't do this. It's essential to understand the general ideas of an opening so that we have a guiding star for our plans in case our opponents depart from theory.

  6. Hi Simon! Why dont you sell your wall in the background to stupid Trump?? Maybe after that you have enough money for the rest of your life!

  7. With these London System videos you're really spoiling us, ambassador!

  8. Based on the previous video, I tried this out tonight instead of my usual d4 c4 opening, and my opponent went with d5 (good!), Nf6 (great!!)… g6 (argh – not in video 1!!). Happily, I played 4.e3 and 6.h4 and had a nice dynamic game in spite of mistakes (and a crazy "put-my-queen-on-the-wrong-square" blunder) and went on to win. It gives the #PubChessBluffer a bit of extra ammo without too much book learning. Thanks!

  9. 03:10 Black just plays Bb4 and is already better.

  10. Looks very good! Just one thing, in the position 1. d4 nf6 2. nc3 d5 3. bf4 e6 4. e3 Bb4? What to do then? looks really awkward

  11. For a system that's supposed to be so simple, it sure requires a heap of extensive explanations

  12. How does this opening handle the slav or semi slav? I find that Nc3 will be misplaced after c6

  13. I would say if anyone like myself that loves Simon and purchase his London System, this whole concept on Nf6 and g6 setup will make perfect sense. This is like the 2.0 version added on to his London System with a bit of Jobava twice. Overall I'm ready to play this immediately without any hesitation. I'm just curious when your new chessbase DVD will come out because I already purchase the following:

    1) London system
    2) Both English 1 and 2 opening
    3) The Chigorin

  14. I bought the DVD! Well, the digital download actually but its quite well done. Theres lots of videos and pgn files and I think Simon does a good job of explaining the ideas of the opening and arising middle games.

  15. oi Simon, good stuff! Got a q, did you try putting your interactive courses to Udemy?


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