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In this episode I give you a home tour / house tour! Well gaming room setup tour to be precise. On my adventure into the sim racing world Vesarosim pop over and supply me with a full racing simulator setup! These racing rigs are absolutely crazy, check out the Vesarosim website below when you get 5 for more info! Comes supplied with Fanatec wheel, Fanatec pedals, Fanatec handbrake and Fanatec gear shifter! Looking forward to showing you guys all the force feedback physics! Games I will be playing include Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2, Forza Motorsport etc etc. Hope you enjoy the video, fresh content every week! Cheers ML



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20 Comments - Write a Comment

  1. Don’t do to much bro , i can give you somes Sound mod if you play at rfactor

  2. Front of that frame looks a bit like the Ariel atom

  3. Mad setup so far man, pretty jelly!! I've played 1 simulator for 9 years it's that addictive. You have to check out a sim called LIVE FOR SPEED, the physics will give you a killa experience!! Hope to see you in a lobby 1 day!!

  4. NEEEEED For my drift lobbys on fh4 and fm7

  5. PC – Rfactor 2 is deffo one of the most accurate sims. I even made a Hakosuka mod a few years back 🙂

  6. Your living my dream man, big up monkylondon hope all the best for 2019 bro

  7. 7-10K for that setup … I would rather buy a real car for that!

  8. Well i hope to get your door on assetto one day in the future! 🙂 Dope set-up! I also got my pc from PCSpecialist, a very good company.

  9. Great video as always Mr ML, but why, prey tell have you got dust covers on your shoes ?
    Oh and GT5 PS4 Pro. Try with the VR kit ?

  10. Badass set up.

    I play Xbox, PS4 and PC.

    As for recommendations, iRacing definitely and Assetto Corsa are a great choice, especially since they are available on PC. Forza and GT Sport of course for the console's.

  11. Hey ? hope things are going well on your side of the water!✌??? inwas hoping we could get some slide action going on! I slay horizon 4 and Forza 7 what’s your gamer tag?? If not give me a quick add boss! YouCantSlideSon

  12. Also I’m running big 315 vskf wheels and can’t find two more big dishes… should I run a work miester with them ??? need something what would you get to go with the VS dishes on rear

  13. I'd love a setup like that soley for sim racing

  14. Subed just for the drum n bass intro ???.
    Welcome to the sim world ?
    Dam so nice,
    I been a sim racer 2 years now, you need assetto corsa main drifters sim, rf2, r3e, ams, i racing for serious racing, but yh assetto there's literally thousands of drifting car packs and tracks,
    Sdc drift pack, tando buddies drift packs, there mods, but I'd just practice with the games default cars, e30, gt86, drift supra,

  15. I've changed the name of my ASSETTO CORSA PC server to NOM NOM DRIFT DTP WDT in lieu of you coming to pc 🙂 DTP and WDT cars running on DRIFT PLAYGROUND… See you soon 😉

  16. Reeeeefresh rate ? love the vids monky ?

  17. I would really like if you play LFS Live for speed on this rig and as drifter give your honest opinion on the phisics. Do they match real world feeling of are they really far off?

  18. How much is this setup ??


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