Mudlarking For Treasure Along The River Thames in London – London Videos

Mudlarking for treasure along the river Thames in London. You’d be surprised at what you can find!

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You don’t only find old clay pipes. You can find coins, medical instruments, pottery, door knockers and all sorts. It’s a lovely thing to do on the weekend in London. Just stick your wellies on and make lots of friends too.

Remember you need a valid licence from the Port of London Authority and you should always know your exits! Don’t get stuck on the river after the tide comes in!

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  2. Great video about mudlarking! I have sent you a bit of dosh in appreciation via paypal.

  3. Wonderful new video on mudlarking! And so much more in this one to make for a very informative, entertaining and "top pocket" find. We strolled the Thames near The Town of Ramsgate pub on our last visit thanks to one of your previous videos and saw some peeps rumaging around in the mud. And must say we also found the food very good at the Morpeth Arms you show in this vid. Thanks for a great video to start the new year.

  4. In London March and going to look for treasure now….. maybe no liscence ?

  5. London.. that’s my soul. I fucking miss London..

  6. Love the video and love the soundtrack.

  7. Mud larks used to be poor people now they are dipsy middle class people with mud lark licences lol

  8. Well done for prefacing the video with the reminder about the licence. Too many people think it's ok to just wander along the shore. It can be especially confusing for tourists. The Golden Hind is a replica built in 1973.

  9. We get a kick out of you. Kinda like a slice of jalapeño in your martini. C from the little haunted cottage in Ireland ??????

  10. Already panicking thinking about rising water and not being able to get out

  11. Love hearing you all speak. Thanks for the vid. Great info.
    Louisiana, USA

  12. I enjoyed the video, but not the sound track.

  13. Ummm…you are far too polite to say anything but by any chance is this a malodorous hobby?

  14. @13:16 is that a shadow fading in and out of Jacob Marley on that door knocker, lol. Good info and a great find there.

  15. Wonderful video! Thoroughly enjoyed it! ?? Thank you!

  16. Your videos are so fun 🙂 I hadnt seen them in my feed for a long minute and I looked and there's all these new ones i'm going to back and watch. I did subscribe, but i now clicked the bell to make sure I know. I like to use the videos Ive seen as background when i'm working on stuff, keeps me in a good mood 🙂

  17. You have to buy a license to spend your own time to look for lost and unclaimed items in the ground? What a stupid law, lol.

  18. Great video as usual Julian. London never ceases to fascinate me, and hope to return one day soon:)


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