The Media and JAYDEN MOODIE Murder R.I.P) LONDON #STREETNEWS – London Videos

The mainstream media have gone for the demonised approach to this murdered child, the latest of 4 london murders this year so far .
He was knocked off a moped in the #walthamforrest area of north east london on bickley road at 6.30 pm by a car.
Men exited the vehicle and stabbed him 7 times in the back leading to his death.
Police have released a statement saying they believe it was a targeted attack.
Jayden moved from nottingham 6 months previously .his uncle is quoted as saying he advised him to be good in london but he felt he didn’t listen.
With newspapers showing pictures of apparent gang signs they forget to rememeber this is a young child murdered in the street
he did not deserve this at all .

Please take a moment to leave a message for him ,his family and friends that the majority of us will remember him with honour and respect .

thank you

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  1. Big up yourself Scarcity, real talk as usual bro.

  2. What was he doing on a moped, ? Where did he get the money for a moped? And why arnt white victims of racism given as much coverage, even though it's stands a big chance he was murdered by people of his own ethnicity kris Donald, who was 16, kidnapped by Pakistanis stabbed and set on fire. This person was mindimg his own business. Sky didn't cover this case at all. Multiculturalism is failing we have to admit it. I already guessed the ethnicity as the majority of stabbings in London are blacks on blacks or Muslims. Time to face facts people.

  3. The minimum age for riding a moped in the UK is 16….So what was he doing riding round the streets?….

  4. The truth that everybody already knows! Nothing you said the papers and news on tv haven't said already! Using a 14 year old kid for views! Joker

  5. Unsubscribe for people using kids dying for YouTube views

  6. I’m sick of seeing everyone in these comment sections moaning and sayin pointless things about race or why is he on a bike etc please understand the problem with the world is us as humans the way the we think the things we value and our lack of knowledge until we change as people things ain’t getting better weather it’s the gang problem or racism or homelessness or government corruption these are all branches of the same tree so keep watching documentaries about the war on drugs or the war on terrror we as people treat this planet and the animals like shit so why should we be the ones who get to live peacefully no it doesn’t work like that we put out destruction we get it back start educating ya selfs proppa the biggest war goin on right now is on your mind knowledge is power peace and love

  7. Real talk big up yourself…when are the fathers dad's parents going to step up and guide and bring up there sons and daughters… it's at least 75 percent black on black killings on road and the rest other nationalitys. Its only going to stop if the og's the elders the parent's especially the fathers the dad's out there start being a men it takes a BIG MAN to look after his family guide them, love them, mentally, emotionally, financially, going to work providing so thay go college go university that's the BIG MAN not the guy on road selling drugs showing off his car, jewellery etc

  8. 2:03 No comment! The family said that he wasn't a gangbanger. Anyone reading about how this teenager was killed cannot fail to come to the reasonable conclusion that this was another black African on black African gang related murder.

  9. It's messed up with what's going on in the UK
    But it's the gvermnt what they do is (problem solution reaction)
    It's an agenda to break us dwn hate one another kill one another
    It's an agenda to depopulate us nd mke is kill us.
    Yo keep up the info fam blessing gee
    Cud be anyone these days

  10. 14 is no age to die. We can blabber on about "certain types" of boys bring it on themselves. But this type of thing can happen virtually out of nowhere to any kid. They can be reclusive, videogame playing little boys one second, talking tough and trying to show off, the next. I grew up on some of the crappier council estates in my city and I say it could be any kid this happens to.

  11. Should we stop using this word. Gang? It's cool it's hip. Why not call them tribes it's more fitting and just not cool and hip to be in a tribe in 2020

  12. 14 , already had knives taken off him, out on a moped, yeah you can see where this is going.

  13. RIP LITTLE GUY. So so sad
    why did this beautiful boy have a moped with no number plates, why did the family not know, why was he making gang signs on it in photos FFS. This is sickening and disgusting that this 14 year old child was murdered like this by MEN. This Is London Now.
    No descriptions in any capacity given by the MSM about the assailants due to fear of being called Racist. They found the car. No Descriptions even though people saw them FFS.
    It’s time to take some responsibility people . It’s time to give a shit. How on Earth is one bloody youth worker meant to solve this problem ???
    I will come on your show happily and talk about it and be objective as I am sick of this but also want people to stop sweeping this under the rug and start looking after the place where they live and the people that live in it
    Drop me your email details if you would like to chat sir. I left south London because of stuff like this and it makes me sad every day. I now host a very big daytime radio show in Spain. Maybe we should talk and at least put our grown up heads together and try …..

  14. What license did the 14 year old have? What CC was his moped? Does anyone know?

  15. Rest easy jaden Moodie, in my heart forever??❤️

  16. RIP to my bro jaden ?❤️ most humble guy he had some big aspiration in life ?wanted to make a change for the better ?didn’t deserve to die like this , showed us so much love never forgotten ?


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