Student Protesters March Along London Wall 9 November 2011 – London Video

Student protesters campaigning against the increase in tuition fees reached London Wall on the last part of their march across London. EDIT: If anyone is interested then I just uploaded a video I recorded a couple of minutes later facing the other way on the same bridge:
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24 Responses to “Student Protesters March Along London Wall 9 November 2011 – London Video”

  1. 1969liberty says:

    occupy is an NWO Move
    check out who owns their
    website and you’ll find out who
    is behind it.

  2. lexie says:

    I’d love to hear from UK students about more differences between here (I’m studying abroad in London) and the US! Any serious or funny ideas would be greatly appreciated in a vid comment!

  3. Godlovesallpeople says:

    @TheLozano066 – Yes, all the protestor’s in London should wear a uniform similar to the police uniform, but someone would need to come up with a plan in order for this to happen. Not everyone has a police uniform sitting around in their closet. So where would the protestor’s obtain a uniform that looks very similar to the police uniform?

  4. TheBannedPoet says:

    Using rap & poetry,I fought back against racism in my family towards my mixed race daughter.
    Crown court then banned that poetry.

    First ever British Rap-Poet to be given a..
    “5 year Rap & Poetry ban”

    (Official Crown court papers video on my page)

    #SuperInjunction #Censorship #Racism #Injustice

  5. randyfuckingfrancis says:


  6. spacedecoy says:

    Respect to the students… this modern folk song played at St. Paul’s last Friday 4th Nov. YouTube type: “occupy folk song” after Tony Benn’s historic speech sums up a lot…. public use of this folk song “if you’re brainy” …is called for and its copyright free for the Occupy cause…..

  7. TheLozano066 says:

    @esca8652 thats the whole point, it would be like no one is indistinguishable from no one else, it would be like saying we are all the same, idunno i think it would be a giant mindfuck for the police, i think it would be a very powerful thing to do

  8. esca8652 says:

    @TheLozano066 haha that would be a pretty long game trying to sift out which one’s are the real cops.

  9. esca8652 says:

    @JaegerandRoar I thought that Australia was getting worse though. I know they have one of the highest amounts of inequality in the industrialized developed nations.

  10. esca8652 says:

    @JaegerandRoar Yeah man. The worst part is that people don’t know!! I’m glad America’s waking up A BIT. but damn there is still SOOO much ignorance. Americans are so uninformed (or misinformed) that you’d think they live on another planet. To make your day better, I’m an American :-)

  11. TheLozano066 says:


  12. utubemadness2012 says:

    @dagored99, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? WE DO NOT HAVE TO THANK THOSE ELECTED TO GOVERNMENT – elected by a MINORITY! We do NOT have to be grateful that this isn’t Bahrain.

    We have a RIGHT to protest about how OUR COUNTRY is governed. We have a RIGHT to protest about the so-called politicians that a minority of people elected, “politicians” who think they have an ENTITLEMENT to run this country LIKE A DICTATORSHIP.


  13. utubemadness2012 says:

    @dagored99, US health care system costs twice as much & leaves around 50 million Americans permanently without health care insurance. The NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF BANKRUPTCIES in the US is health care costs. & this evil is coming to UK, courtesy of Cameron, who attended a £28K a yr school & kept a “fag” at school, a younger boy who ran errands for him. Cameron basked in the ‘socialism’ provided by his parents, & then denies any kind of social policies to the public – because he thinks he’s a DICTATOR

  14. utubemadness2012 says:

    @dagored99, the NHS is being privatized, so soon people will have plenty to complain about – nothing like confronting an unnecessary death or prolonged suffering to make a person sit up & take notice. The US health care system costs twice as much as the most efficient nationalised health care system in Europe.

    We’ve been here before, in the 1990s. Tories said there was “NO NEW MONEY” for the railways. After privatization, they more than TRIPLED PUBLIC SUBSIDIES to the now PRIVATE railways.

  15. utubemadness2012 says:

    @dagored99, perhaps u can tell that to the bankers & CEOs who steal the wages of everyone else – drive workers in poor countries to suicide – & r then awarded obscene sums. Perhaps u can tell them to STOP WHINING ABOUT YOUR BLOODY TAXES WHEN YOU HAVE TENS OF MILLIONS & LIVE IN ABSOLUTE LUXURY. Most CEOs avoid tax & ensure the corporations they head also avoid tax. Will u tell them to SHUT UP – that if u want all the benefits of a civilized, peaceful country, PAY UP!

    Or don’t u have the BALLS?

  16. SmokinDatGreenJesus says:

    @JaegerandRoar Yes, the minimum wage is $15.50 for a 21 year old and for an 18 year old it’s $10.59, but the cost of living is higher, so at the end of the day the difference is negligible.

  17. newavalon57 says:

    @JaegerandRoar what is the exchange rate and is that in Aussie dollars?My first job was 2.35 an hour and that was the 70’s .I haven’t come very far, Crap!

  18. trueaudience says:

    London, we are proud of you!!!!

  19. alucidminute says:

    @TaciturnGirl Ohhh I hear it now. I like that, I like that a lot.

  20. TaciturnGirl says:

    @alucidminute I was there, it was “students and workers, unite and fight”

  21. spippybo says:

    beautiful, loved that first crescendo of voices!

  22. SSWolfgard says:

    Nice shot

  23. alucidminute says:

    What is it they’re saying? I can’t quite understand them. Sucks that more people didn’t go but at least those who did go were loud if a little unclear.

  24. ainit77 says:

    @EmoRikuKH They are shouting ‘Students and workers, unite and fight’.


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